Management Team

Christer Fehrling, CEO and Board Member

Christer is an Economist and Senior financial advisor with a focus on strategic planning and business concept development for small and medium sized companies operating in international environments.

Christer has vast international experience from countries spreading from the US and Canada to African countries like Botswana and South Africa, continuing lately to work with the development processes in Russia and other eastern European countries.

Britt-Marie Lodenius, Chief Financial Officer

Born in 1968. Joined AVTECH in April 2011 within the business area.  Britt-Marie has  altogether close to 25 years of experience from senior positions in domestic Swedish business.

David Rytter, Chief Technical Officer

Born 1983 in Västmanland Sweden. David joined AVTECH in 2010 researching and building the initial wake vortex prediction concept system. David holds a MSc from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) where he studied Aerospace Engineering.

David has experience as a project and personnel manager from both military service, working as a quality lead IT consultant and his role as project manager and technology lead into the Wake and Aventus projects. David also holds a pilot’s license and fly regularly with the voluntary military flying corps (FFK).

At AVTECH he has the overall responsibility for the company’s technology, platform and product development along with company management.

Niklaes Persson, Business Unit Director, R&D

Born in 1978. Joined AVTECH in January 2010. Niklaes holds a Master of Science from The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) where he has studied Computer Science. In parallel Niklaes studied at Lund University School of Aviation (LUSA) to become a commercial airline pilot. He has experience from flying both Boeing and Airbus aircraft and is currently flying the A321 and A330.

At AVTECH he works with ATM operational concept- and strategies development as well as participating in focused technology research and development. Currently focusing on AVTECH’s product development including enhancement of the Aventus product and business expansion along with Company Management.

Sören Skog, Marketing Director

Born 1962. Joined AVTECH sales department in 2014 with focus on Aventus and assumed position as Marketing Director in December 2016. Sören has more than 30 years` experience from the aviation industry, having worked in both Air Traffic Control and Airlines, currently flying B737.

At AVTECH he is responsible for leading AVTECH’s sales and marketing activities with focus on the Aventus products. He will also take part in AVTECH’s continous product development in close cooperation with the aviation market and AVTECH R&D.