Board of AVTECH

Bo Redeborn, Chairman of Board

Former Principle Director Air Traffic Management at EUROCONTROL, Bo has over a multitude of years held senior positions in the European ATM Community with a focus on policies, strategies, R&D and international relations. Bo was since the start of the SESAR program Eurocontrol’s representative in the admin Board of the Joint Undertaking, which is the biggest R&D Project in Europe. Previous to Eurocontrol, Bo worked as Manager for ATM Support and Development, Manager Air Traffic Management, et cetera at LFV, the Swedish Air Navigation Service Provider.

Holdings of shares in AVTECH per March 31 2016:
(Private and through wholly owned company)
A-shares: 250 084, B-shares: 322 598

Lars GV Lindberg, Board Member

Founder of AVTECH. Lars has during the last twenty years been involved in industry development of the trajectory based ATM system and is now deeply involved in deployments in Europe, Middle East and in the US. Lars has twenty years of experience as an airline pilot, test and development pilot, accidents investigator, as well as from various management positions.

Holdings of shares in AVTECH per March 31 2016:
(Private and through partly owned companies)
A-shares: 4 081 300, B-shares: 921 294

Christer Fehrling, CEO and Board Member

Christer is an Economist and Senior financial advisor with a focus on strategic planning and business concept development for small and medium sized companies operating in international environments.

Christer has vast international experience from countries spreading from the US and Canada to African countries like Botswana and South Africa, continuing lately to work with the development processes in Russia and other eastern European countries.

Holdings of shares in AVTECH per March 31 2016:
(Private and family)
A-shares: 574 968, B-shares: 2 045 105

Ingvar Zöögling, Board Member

Ingvar is a certified Swedish lawyer since 1980 and he has been running his own law firm since 1985, dealing mainly with Swedish and international business law.

Holdings of shares in AVTECH per March 31 2016:
(Private and through partly owned company)
A-shares: 74 800, B-shares: 54 454

Erik Berggren, Board Member

Erik is a Civil Engineer from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm with studies at Stockholm School of Economics/Handelshögskolan, and he is currently working as CEO for the investment group S-bolagen AB.

Holdings of shares in AVTECH per March 31 2016:
(Through a company in which the insider has a Board membership)

A-shares: 400 000, B-shares: 434 775