Company Milestones

Jan 1988 Company founded
Mar 1999 AVTECH becomes a limited company
Dec 2004 First Contract with Airbus
Jan 2006 Christer Staaf flies the world’s first 4DT Flight
Apr 2006 Awarded the prestigious Laureate Award
Jun 2006 AVTECH France established with base in Toulouse
Jun 2007 AVTECH acquires AviaQ
Sep 2007 First Aventus Flight
Jun 2009 Approved as a registered UN vendor
July 2009 Granted Swedish Patent for Aventus
July 2009 Granted Swedish Patent for Aventus
Nov 2009 Joins EUROCAE as a full member
May 2010 Swedish King and Queen visit headquarters
July 2010 Becomes Associated Partner of Airbus to SESAR
Aug 2010 Granted European Patent for Aventus
Mar 2011 Granted US Patent for Aventus
Aug 2011 AVTECH Middle East LLC is founded in UAE
Aug 2011 Becomes SESAR JU direct Associated Partner
Oct 2011 Signing of license agreement on Aventus with SITA
Feb 2012 Listed on NASDAQ OMX First North
April 2012 Receives research grant from VINNOVA assisting the development of AVTECH’s Wake Vortex Separation System
May 2012 Granted Chinese Patent for Aventus
June-Nov 2012 First four commercial contracts won on Aventus
Sept 2012 Two commercial consultancy contracts won on WakeVortex
Jan 2013 Fifth contract on Aventus won
June 2013 Won a prestigious consultancy contract on Wake Vortex
June 2013 Implements a forecful reorganization including cost savings and increased focus on Sales
July 2014 Signs contract for full routenet implementation of Aventus NowCast Descent with Southwest Airlines