Since the start some 25+ years ago AVTECH has been one of the leaders in the global development of Performance-based Operations (PBO), which enables the Company to offer unique knowledge within the paradigm shift that is currently happening in aviation. Early on AVTECH identified the challenges that commercial air traffic would be facing in the third millennium and that much of the solution to the capacity, environmental and profitability problems that have all become realities today was in the area of digital Air Traffic Management/ PBO. In order to promote and drive developments, AVTECH has over the years participated in several major research projects as well as the definition phase of SESAR, cooperating with all the industry stakeholders who make a difference. Today AVTECH is a company synonymous with unconventional innovations and ground-breaking solutions within aviation, and we are dedicated to continue our efforts to modernize the air transport system as a whole. Doing so, the company is currently focused on two main innovations areas; state-of-the-art solutions within the broad fields of Time-based Operations and Wake Vortex Management.