While the benefits of the Aventus NowCast Full Flight solution vary from customer to customer, Aventus has generated proven fuel savings in between 20 and 200 kg’s per flight. Savings vary depending on aircraft size, scope of service utilized (i.e. depending on flight segment for which the Aventus service is used) and the level of volatility in atmospheric conditions that individual aircraft encounter during a flight. AVTECH has also in collaboration with major airlines developed its own unique fuel savings analysis methodology to assist customers in assessing the ongoing value of the Aventus service.


Outside of fuel savings Aventus provides the following benefits to customers:

    • Reduction in Operational Variance: the ease of use of the system will allow for an easy integration in Airline Standard Operation Procedures.
    • Ease of Use and Crew Offload: Aventus automatically starts the optimization workflow with no crew interaction required and will automatically load optimized winds into the aircraft Flight Management System. Flight crews will, however, always have the option to accept or reject a suggested uplink.
    • Increased Accuracy when flying Time-based operations
    • Environmental savings; saved fuel means a reduced CO2 footprint of airline operations

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